Thursday, July 21, 2005

Boncodin will go back to Arroyo's arms

I have it on good authority that Emilia Boncodin, the former budget secretary, regretted her decision to resign on July 8, along with 9 other cabinet officials. She has told friends that resigning was a "lapse in judgment."

But more than her mea culpa, Boncodin, according to a very reliable source, is, in a way, going back to the arms of the Arroyo administration. She will be a consultant at the budget department, helping Romulo Neri, the former NEDA who now heads the department.

Another ex-Arroyo official who is said to be banging his head against the wall for joining the Hyatt revolt is Guillermo Parayno, the former head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Makes you wonder what these supposedly intelligent people were thinking when they resigned. Were they misinformed? Were they duped? Did they over-estimate the impact of their action, which they hoped would rattle the Arroyo administration enough for it to disintegrate?

Or was it simply hubris?


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