Thursday, September 08, 2005

No more protests on EDSA

Listening to the AM radios this morning, I was struck by the curious focus in some of the discussions on the traffic mess created by the demonstrations yesterday at the People Power monument. Korina Sanchez railed against it, so did many of the blowhards on the air.

Then, this afternoon, the Metro Manila Development Authority announced that it no longer allows rallies at the monument. By then, of course, the government had already put out its agenda for the day: reduce the anti-Arroyo protests to a mere inconvenience, which, in turn, can be dealt with by the fascistic hand of Bayani Fernando. By then, too, it had laid the groundwork to justify the order that, of course, violates the Constitution.

It did not surprise me, too, that businessmen are now mouthing the same theme -- huwag na mag-martsa-martsa, they say -- in interviews, even in centerfold advertisement in today's Inquirer. Some have even asked Cory Aquino to stop these protests.

It is obvious that Arroyo feels vindicated and is now on the roll. It now feels it has gotten the mandate to do these stupid things.

What a wretched governmetn we have!


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