Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Those smug, condescending congressmen

One of the lies being peddled by the majority congressmen in Congress is that many of them were turned off by the minority congressmen's name-calling and all that. They used that as justification for not joining the cause to impeach Arroyo. The subtext, of course, was that they could have signed the complaimt, if not for the arrogance of the minority congressmen, as typified by Edmund Reyes's impassioned plea for more signatures.

That's just a lot of crap. If they really believed in what the impeachment process was about, they wouldn't be offended by such behavior by the desperate minority congressmen. Besides, the minority legislators only resorted to such desperate means as aping Russell Crowe after it was clear that they've lost the battle in that blood-drenched arena called Congress.

In any case, my pet peeves during the marathon hearings yesterday:

* Rep. Way Kurat Zamora. Somebody should stop this jerk. He thinks he's cute, but he's actually infuriating. He boasts of his supposed solid principles and of his province but what is Compostela Valley except a known battleground for Communist insurgents and the AFP? If he's so good, his province should not be suffering.

* Legislators who invoked good governance, ethics and all the gods. You'd think they would vote for impeachment, only to vote against in the end.

* Latin (or is it Roman?) adages. Dura lex sed lex? Dura lex Pyrex?

* Rep. Roman of Bataan. What's with his fixation with "proceeding" and "proceedings"? Anyway, he tried so hard to sound eloquent and it was so freaking off-putting.


At 9/08/2005 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey about Edcel Lagman, Monico Puentebella and Villafuerte. Marcoleta and his ill fitting wig and Baterina and his bouffant and mr. out of order Antonino? It's not only what they said but they way they looked that's insufferable.

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